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3 Reasons Smart MROs Order from WBParts Express

2017-07-31 14:12:50 0 By: Jerome Times Read: 404
3 Reasons Smart MROs Order from WBParts Express

Bob has been in the aerospace MRO industry for 25 years. One of the most time consuming parts of his job is keeping up with ordering aircraft parts so that his inventory is properly supplied and includes all the parts he needs, but not too many of each part to avoid excess inventory. He also doesn’t want to be stuck at his computer for long lengths of time typing in each individual aircraft part and filling his shopping cart.

That’s why Bob likes to order from WBParts Express.

Smart MROs order from WBParts Express because ordering from us is…

1. Simple: Our easy-to-use website is straight forward and uncomplicated. Our online aircraft parts catalog is illustrated so you can see exactly what fastener kit you are ordering.

2. Quick: Our multi-part search tool allows MROs to upload their Excel spreadsheet to our website so they can order exactly what they need. No need to copy and paste one part at a time into the search bar. Just one quick copy and paste of your whole Excel spreadsheet list and your job is done!

3. Organized: Keeping your parts organized is essential for the smooth operation of your MRO facility. Our Kit Builder function is free for registered customers and comes with the ability to re-order a kit you have previously built. Our MRO hardware kitting is a really good example of how WBParts goes the extra mile with your needs in mind.

We know that not all MROs have the same inventory needs. Each one services different planes and has a different work load volume. That is why, whether your MRO is big or small, we are here to supply you with exactly what you need in a simple, quick, and organized fashion. Start here to become a registered customer.

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