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WBEX App: Reordering Parts Has Never Been This Easy

2017-10-31 14:41:28 0 By: Jerome Times Read: 299
WBEX App: Reordering Parts Has Never Been This Easy

Roy, the manager for an aircraft MRO outfit, dreads reordering parts. What a hassle! He has to carve out time from his already hectic work schedule to check inventory and find out what he needs to reorder. The process is so unenjoyable that he puts it off as long as he can. Once he makes the reordering list, he has to sit at his computer reordering each part one by one. The process is so time consuming and tedious. He can’t help but think that he would rather be doing anything else like actually working on the aircraft or being home with his family. Roy thought about looking into another way to reorder parts, but he wasn’t sure what to do, so he didn’t make any changes. Instead, things got worse.

The last time Roy put off reordering, he put it off too long. Then a customer came in who needed a particular part—nothing special, just a regular part he should have had on hand. Roy was nervous about admitting he didn’t have the part. The customer was not happy. In fact, he stormed out in disgust and swore he would never come back again. True to his word, he hasn’t been back. In fact, business has been slow lately and in the back of his mind Roy wonders if the irate customer has kept people away. The worry is stressing Roy out. If Roy doesn’t change something soon, who knows what will happen to the business he has worked so hard to build.

WBParts Express knows that FBOs and MROs like Roy are busy. Reordering parts as a separate task takes you away from the more important and more enjoyable aspects of your business. We know that a dream come true for FBOs and MROs would be a simple, quick reordering method.

WBParts Express is now offering exactly what you are looking for!

It’s simple!

1. Download WBEX App.

2. Scan and click. Reordering is complete!

That’s it! Just two steps!

The WBEX App is a free download for any Apple or Android device. If any part included in a KitBuilder is running low, simply whip out your device/phone, scan the barcode in the kit, click, and the part is reordered! No need to make reordering a separate time consuming task. No need to sit at a computer when you would rather be anywhere else.

WBParts developed and created the WBEX App as one feature of our new KitBuilder Software Core. Developed with busy FBOs and MROs in mind, we have developed a wide range of new features to save you time and money.

Be one of the first to take advantage of this exclusive technology!

Have you already tried the WBEX App? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a message or leave us feedback in the App store or on our Facebook page.

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