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Cut Your Ordering Time in Half (or More) with KitBuilder Software

2017-10-03 09:52:55 0 By: Jerome Times Read: 338
Cut Your Ordering Time in Half (or More) with KitBuilder Software

We know you are busy. As an FBO or an MRO any time you need to stop what you are doing and order parts is precious time taken away from your actual work serving your customers through maintenance, repair, overhaul, or providing a smooth and seamless fixed-base operator experience.

Our SmartKit system is popular and well-received by hobby pilots, MROs, and FBOs alike because of its time-saving organization system of trays and cabinets. Its customizable design also saves you time and money since you are not wasting space on hardware and fasteners that you don’t need.

Now we have made the ordering process even easier so you can save even more time when you choose a SmartKit.

How can you order a SmartKit? There are several different ways:

KitBuilder Software Core

This free software allows you to put together exactly what parts you need from our parts database into an organized and functional tray system called a SmartKit. Once you have selected the hardware and fasteners you need from our easy to navigate database, with the click of a button, the SmartKit Fasteners Management Tray System will be meticulously put together and shipped directly to you!

Kit Library

To make ordering even easier, we have designed pre-defined kits. If your needs are meet with one of our previously designed SmartKits, just one click of a button will fill the trays with the fasteners and hardware you need. The more FBOs and MROs join our KitBuilder community, the more pre-defined kits will become available. If you design a kit with the KitBuilder software and you think it would benefit the community, let us know and we will list it under the pre-defined kits!

Multi-Part List Uploader

If your shop maintains an Excel spreadsheet list of the parts you need, simply copy and paste the entire list all at once and we will create a SmartKit to match the list. Easy! You could also add your list to an existing kit.

Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)

If you are maintaining multiple aircraft you can create a SmartKit with fasteners" that will work for both aircraft! Just three simple steps: 1) select your aircraft 2) select the chapter 3) select build kit.

How can I re-order?

All SmartKits come with a re-ordering feature. Once you have created a SmartKit, whether it was through the KitBuilder Software Core, Kit Library, Multi-Part List Uploader, or the Illustrated Parts Catalog, you can reorder it without having to build it from scratch again.

You can also reorder without ever leaving the floor of your shop as long as you have your smartphone or tablet handy. Our WBEX Scan mobile App is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Simply scan the QR Code on your parts bin and reorder! This free app takes re-ordering to a whole new level of easy.

There are only 24 hours in a day and we know that you have to pick and choose how you spend each and every one of those hours. Our range of new ordering methods will release you from using your time ordering and re-ordering parts and free you to spend your time on the business that you love.

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