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Hangar and Tarmac leak tester and altitude controler in plastic suitcase- AC 110/220 50 Hz- 3 m AC c..
Laboratory desk housing Static tester (0,01% FS)- Ps channel (1200 to 30 hPa)- Pressure and vacuum i..
For the more demanding applications, the ScopeMeter 190 Series high-performance oscilloscopes offer ..
Audible Single hand operation Performs required operational tests for DK100, DK120, DK130 and DK14..
Hangar and tarmac Ps and Pt Tester- Ps Channel (1200 to 30 hPa)- Pt Channel (3000 to 30 hPa)- Pressu..
Cable and software to use EPU Electro Pneumatic Unit) on a standard PC- USB for PC- Box with ON/OFF ..
Hangar and Tarmac Ps, Pt Tester- Ps and Pt Independant- No simultaneous generation- Manual pump- Bat..
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